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Stefano V. Albrecht, Filippos Christianos, and Lukas Schäfer. Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning: Foundations and Modern Approaches. MIT Press, 2024.

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Table of Contents

Summary of Notation
List of Figures

Part 1: Foundations of Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Part 2: Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning: Algorithms and Practice

Appendix A: Surveys on Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Book Codebase

The book comes with a codebase written in the Python programming language, which contains implementations of several MARL algorithms presented in the book. The primary purpose of the codebase is to provide algorithm code that is self-contained and easy to read.

GitHub repository for the book codebase.

Lecture Slides

Lecture slides for the book will be released in Q1/2 2024.